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The World is at a Crossing Point

by Rick Miracle

On this page and my other pages on this Web Site, you will find numerous links to controversial websites, videos, referenced books & their Authors, photos, etc. !

RULE #1 WITH ME IS....DO NOT BELIEVE at FACE VALUE what you find. Do some research, seek out the truth and use some common sense. There is a lot of information out there and I think the only WAY TO SURVIVE THIS  CHANGING WORLD IS TO KNOW WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON!

There is clear evidence of an attempt to create a (NWO), NEW WORLD ORDER. They admit it! They are passing legislation to enforce it! They have created the events that enabled them to get congress to pass the laws and acts, such as the Patriot act. That's what I think. Will future events be fabricated (said to be done by someone else), so they can further their plans. It sure seems like a star trek show, where some crazy guy takes over a planet and it is discovered to be emulating some insane historic program, i.e. the episode of a planet in space discovered by Captain Kirk and his crew, running the planet & it's people's like  the OLD MAFIA GANGSTER STYLE of Chicago!

There is clear evidence of CERTAIN FAMILY NAMES who seem to have control of much of the WORLD.

These elites have been in control before the creation of the USA! Call them what you like, The Royal Families, Illuminati, Reformed Jews (Zionist), Masonic Lodge Members like the Skull & Bones, the Vatican, Nazism, Conservatives, Communist, Democrats,  and many other names. There does seem to be evidence of outside interference in many events throughout history. UFO's (which must have occupants), Rome (Cesar) who took control of Christianity in 4th Century and the Church (the Pope) who gives divine right to kings & royalty to rule over mankind, or a combination of the above.

History is full of magic, magicians, demons, devils, ancient giants, historic sites with scared (so called) symbols, and constructions of underground and above ground facility's that just seem impossible without some mysterious force being used in their construction.

What's clear is, if you do some homework and check out what you find on this web site and other web sites & books, you will see it's not conspiracy theory ....It's A REAL CONSPIRACY TO KEEP YOU FROM KNOWING WHAT THEY KNOW. i.e. They, want to keep all the power in their hands & control you & use you for their benefit. Regrettably, if they don't need you anymore, watch out! 

I believe, knowledge is power! That's a common saying! Hence, we know they know that saying too! So they do not want you to have knowledge and gain power. Wake up!

Who's They ? Good Question? This website has many pages of possible answers, maybe it's all connected! I think so!

Rick Miracle Nov. 18th, 2012

A short essay by me, Rick M.

Titled : So many people have died!

While investigating what is behind all the economic turmoil in the world, I have discovered a common denominator of events that is almost unbelievable.

It seems that anyone getting to close to the truth, conveniently dies. 

After reading about 100 books, watching about 700 videos, reading 100's magazines and 1000's of press releases, this situation continues to pop up! Inconvenient witnesses, knowledgeable insiders, and other persons of interest, seem to have usual accidents.'s just an observation!

Therefore, I have decided to start documenting these (repeatable deadly fact). I'll keep you posted.

From the 911 event, the US Ship Liberty, the Oklahoma City Bombing, the UFO & Roswell Cover-up, and many other serious deceptions, we can see that killing people to attain the goals of these SECRET GROUPS WITH AN APPARENT INHUMAN AGENDA, IS NOT OUTSIDE THEIR BUSINESS or WORLD DOMINATION PLANS!

How can this happen in our civilized world? I want to know! Do you want to know? Ignoring it does not seems a reasonable way to stop it! I wish the (GOOD) people in charge of our governments would wake up and take on these criminals.

Some interesting words we all should understand!

We, it seems, have a OUT OF CONTROL GOVERNMENT.

People are being bombed, killed, & robbed of all resources & freedoms. Be Careful, these words may apply!

Sedition   Insurgent 

Hegelian Dialectic 

plausible deniability

Should we be concerned with WWlll ?

Would the World Powers start such a war?

Is it already planed? What excuse would they use?

What does prophecy say?



Coincidence ?

Do you believe in coincidences?

See my coincidence page, You Decide!


Do You Believe the turmoil in the Middle East was Planned? 


Is the Turmoil in the Middle East a Natural Revolution?


Was it planned?

You Decide!


A Million Dollar Question?

Why do they want Your Guns?


What does Prophesy say, about what is Supposed to Happen?

Do YOU want to KNOW?


How the NWO Elite will get you to take the RFID Chip  

More on the Satanic



Why We've All Been Cyprus'd Already & How We Can Stop Being Cyprus'd


Jesse Ventura, says ! "It's NOT OUR Government Anymore!"

Revelation? Prophecies?

What's going on?


My thoughts on Drones !

Are we a civilized Society ?

How on earth could or would a civilized humanity in 2012 do this?

Am I the only one who thinks this is insane?

I am coming to the conclusion, whoever is running (controlling) Earth, they are insane!

How's that old saying go? First they came for them, I did nothing! Then they came for me!

Are there Drones parked outside our cities?

Are there numerous prison camps being made ready in the USA? The World? Yes!

Listen...............Please !

Morgellions Disease  ?

Morgellons Disease: The Big Lie, The Ultimate Cover-up

9-11 WTC Biggest Gold Heist in History: $300 Billion in Bars           Click Here

The Rulebook to Take Over the World!
The Protocols of Zion
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Urgent warning! Microchip mandatory in USA. What to do!

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Gerald Celente on WW 3

Middle East Out of Control

Smart Meters

A Spy in Your Home!

Think Not?


Alarming News !!!

Efforts to Dis-Arm American's increasing!

 Jan 2, 2015


U.S. is PREPARING for Something Big - Civil War, Coming WW3, Collapse of America? ( is this true ? )