Satanic Music Industry

Is Satan Real ?

Is there a religion that worships

Satan ? Is this Satanism ?

Why is Lucifer Praised by the freemasons, the occultist,

and now the Vatican ?

Is this the same religion

of the Illuminati ?

Is this the religion of the

Rosicrucian's ?

Is this the religion of the kabbalah ?

Is this the religion of the Zionist ?

Is this the religion of the

Hollywood producers ?

Is this the religion of our

politicans ?


Satanic Symbolism is everywhere !

The Owl, the snake & the Eye


They are so bold, they are showing us who committed the crime !


The Dark Secrets of Bohemian Grove (Free Eye-opening Video by Alex Jones

LOOK this up, they toss babies into the burning OWL


Why is there a OWL on the dollar bill ?

Why does Washington DC have a OWL shaped Street Plan ?


...while an owl and a demon appear to fight over his soul as it issues from his mouth, his beautiful wife grieving by his bed.

I found these two photo's at


Puts a whole new spin on the OWL, Swastika, Lotus, & Molech in connection with Freemasonry!

Former Witch: The Danger & Deception of Wicca

People just don't believe it, BUT there is something evil lurking behind the scenes ! It's verifiable !

Illuminati Card Game 1995 - THE FUTURE ON CARDS

VERY RARE Witchcraft Docoumentary 1979 - Doreen Valiente,Sanders