The plan to overthrow the mid east

The Vatican along with others run the World under the control of the Illuminati. They plan to take down the USA. First, they need to take our guns, which will leave us helpless.

They have mind control programs in play. Will they use that to increase the mindless killings in the USA & the World, to obtain their agenda of a New World Order!


They will create a Hell on Earth so that the people beg for this New World Order! Is the Chaos created by them to scare you into their control? Is that the plan ? 

NATO's Plan for the Middle East!

Does the Vatican desires the Middle East & Africa to be part of the New World Order! i.e. Satanism!

General Wesley Clark reveals US war plan - 2007

Kissinger Obama Will Create A New World Order

I have been saying this for quite awhile. After, the Mid East  or maybe sooner, We USA Citizens are next! Globalization is a game where the elites control the world. Just like the Mid East, they will use the same program, conquer & divide.

Will it be good for us American citizens?

Think So? See this Video, listen to Mr. Kissinger! He says, we have to be brought down, economically, etc.

Henry Kissinger New World Order 2007