new world order

The New World order Continued:

After WWll some interesting events occurred that were really OUT of THIS WORLD. Some day it was a result of the two nuclear bombs dropped on Japan. Other say, the UFO phenomenon has been around since mankind has lived on the planet. 

Here's a short video to explain. Click Here !

Earlier in this essay, I discussed some well known history & some history kept secret from most of the population. Imagine for a moment, these secret rulers of planet earth, the Church (The Vatican & Pope), the Illuminati, a secret financial & occultist bloodline of Jewish decent (so called), their minions (elected and appointed officials in the USA, Russia, the United Kingdom, & basically the world), imagine when discovers like crashed UFO';s were found and the events were reported up the chain of command.

Think of the power these men thought they had. It makes on wonder how they reacted. We know they went through great efforts to keep these discoveries form the public. Worse then the secrecy, many insiders who were a threat were naturalized, (a nice word for killed/murdered). The technologies in the craft was dissected and parceled out to major corporations.

Of course, these corporations were owned and controlled by the controllers of the world, the financial banks (i.e. Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgans, the Pope, the Queen of England) and their minions. The corporations reverse engineered the technologies which brought us such toys as cell phones, laptop computers, & other microchip devices.

Regrettably these seemingly evil persons in control of the world had & have control of the technological secrets either discovered by archeological research or reverse engineering of UFO craft.. The repeated incidents of murder and threats of imprisonment to persons who not cooperate show us the lengths the insiders went through to keep these technologies and knowledge to themselves. 

One invention that may be the tool for enslavement in the VERICHIP, see this Video for the insane plans of these world despots.    CLICK HERE !

It makes me wonder? How far will these Illuminati, Masonic & Zionist evil men will go? See this Video? CLICK HERE ! 

I have been researching these subjects for quite awhile. What I have found out is that the men ruling are playing both sides against each other. A great example was found in a book by Eustace Mullins, (Murder by Injection). Here's the short version of the tale told in his book. It seems men like the Rockefeller Family own and control the Chemical Industries, the Pharmaceuticals, The Medical Hospitals, The Food Manufacturing Industries, and are well known at America's leading Capitalist. Yes? here's the deep dark secret kept form you, they are all also the controllers behind the scenes of the Communist Programs & Organizations.  The social controls include playing the Republican Party against the Democratic Party, both of which are controlled by big money, banks, & the Elite owners of huge corporations & their bought & paid for CEO's.

Consider the possibilities. Let's assume that if no serious epidemics occur over a period of ten years, would congress allocate the same billions of dollars in available vaccines and support of faculties and manpower? Of course not, a higher priority project of concern would receive the money. Now, with Billions of dollars at stake, do you really think the men behind the scenes will allow this to occur? Ok, if they are not moral & ethical me and we can assume that from their weapon sales to both sides in many of the fabricated wars. Would, these despots intentionally stir up some fear of plagues or rouge viruses by designing & introducing those bacterium & viral dangers into society?  Think not? Maybe you need to Read

Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola, by Leonard Horowitz or Clouds of Secrecy by Leonard Cole.  See a Video by Leonard Horowitz, AIDS was Manufactured !   CLICK HERE !

Consider this, if the Same Elites own the Hospitals & the Pharmaceutical companies & the food & beverage industries....could they control certain situation to dump toxins and other cancer cancer causing poisons into