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Murder by Injection, by Eustace Mullins

Just finished reading this book.  Today is Nov. 15, 2012. It is a absolute stunning book, the revelations I am absorbing are quite shocking.

Here's the short version of my review.

Apparently, in the mid 1800's, the powers that be (Illuminati-Masonic) Rockefeller & other financial powerhouse's in the USA determined/discovered the idea that great amounts of money could be made in the Medical Field. The American Medical Association was founded with a full intent of controlling the vast field of medicine.

There were two schools of thought, Homeopathy (herbs & old time cures used for 1000.s of years) and Allopathy (which relied on surgical procedures & a heavy use of drugs)

I wish this was the end of the story, what this book describes is nothing less than a Dr. Frankenstein approach to heath care.  

The Elites in charge put forth every effort to destroy traditional medicine and replace it with slash & cut surgeries. It get s worse, the parties in charge acquired a radium producing mine and force this method of cancer cures upon the world. These elitist acquired financing control of the new hospitals, lobbied Washington to control the laws, and even (it seems) murdered the opposition.

One party to this insanity said to a involved congressional leader who objected, "your either one of the eaters or your the eaten".

What has occurred in the cancer, vaccines, aids fields seems to have been a intentional parade of pain brought on the citizens with a clear view of the money to be made.  These folks were plain out evil.

That's my opinion.

Everyone...should read this book. What you will find, is a small group...same family names,  same organizations, political or religious everything. And, if you find out too much about their activities or plans, you could wind up naturalized (Dead).


OK...I think the persons involved were evil. Then who are they & why would they be evil. I think I know!


CLICK HERE - To see some pages of this book. Unbelievable.

Eustace Mullins

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