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OK...I think the persons involved were evil. Then who are they & why would they be evil. I think I know!



Read this page! Unbelievable!

What is interesting, is this! This (fluoridating the water) seems to have occurred right after WWll. Did our Elites running this country, know Hitler was adding Fluoride to the water in prison camps to make the prisoners slow, lethargic, tired, weak minded, sick, etc. Seems so!   

Why else would the Rockefeller Medical empire see that this happened at the highest levels. 


Every American should Read this Book!

Mr. Mullins spent better then 40 years as a witter / journalist in the research of international control of monetary issues.

The book undeniable describes activities of intentional manipulation of Governments & it's policies to benefit their own power & financial enhancement at the cost of many hard working citizens.

The Goal? As crazy as it seems, inflicting pain & suffering on you & me for financial gain! Think about it, if you own the chemical company & have serious investments in the medical establishments, you could easily make people sick and direct them to your pharmaceuticals and hospitals!

Unimaginable You think? Then, maybe you need to understand the Lucifer worshiper thinking. Who's behind the scenes, Rothschild. Rockefeller, the Morgan's, Schiffs and many others. Some call them the Illuminati.

The deaths, wars, attack on the USA Constitution, etc. are being orchestrated by these guys. This book tells all!

See this page below. Read the third sentence and the next few sentences.

Think about this slowly. John Rockefeller had his hand in the Capitalist World and the Communist (Socialist) World! 

Again, I am reminded of the deceiver, Lucifer.  there is an old adage, divide & conquer. From my research, it is clear that the pyrimidine structure is in force. 

There are those at the top who control both ( actually many groups) parties, playing them off against each other for personnel gain. 

In essence, we are all being deceived. Who are these deceivers, Rothschild, Rockefeller, and other families. The intrigue is astounding. Satan himself must be behind the scenes! The whole story goes back hundreds of years, likely more. Current history includes, the Russian Revolution, the French Revolution, WWl, WWll, and all the other murders & nations overthrown. Apparently, the Goal, is the NWO, NEW WORLD ORDER. This is a Biblical battle between good and evil! Read this book & wake up!