new world order


Ok, here's a question? How do you bring about a New World Order to a nation (THE USA). that has more freedoms, property ownership & educational opportunities than any nation in the world?

How do you get them to agree to giving up their freedoms? Their money? Their right to free speech? Their right to own guns? The right to own land, a car, a boat, anything? The right to pass on your estate to your children? These are some of the new laws and rules we may be subjected to Under the NWO, i.e. communism i.e. Socialism, everything belongs to everyone! It's a lie! A BIG Deception!

They will say, let us help you! That's why they are making it so horribly bad for the majority of the citizens, No Job, No Money, No Food no security?

Those free checks, food stamps, social security checks, it will all stop! It will seem insane!

Everyone..will agree to any offer, any solution! How can they manage this you ask? The game plan is ?

ANSWER ! YOU need to make things very bad, so bad, they will agree to anything. Even a chip implanted in their bodies, if they want to sell or buy anything! Things need to be so bad, all of the people will agree to having the UN control all our freedoms and rights! Guns will be confiscated,

offenders will be imprisoned?

People will be assigned to where they work and be punished if they don;t show up? You will need permission to have children, even marry? I believe, They have plans to eliminate the un-needed & un-wanted people? You think your safe, what do you have they need? Are you past your prime, maybe you will be called in for a injection, i.e. a vaccine...then maybe your dead in a week or two?

Will it will be a inside 911? A fabricated event, maybe a Nuke in some city? A fake Alien or Russian, Chinese attack? I don't know! There are many theories out there!

You think ...I'm kidding? I'm Crazy? Well, think long and hard about this. What is going on elsewhere in the world? Who has been  & is being bombed & killed by the thousands, even millions? So, you think, it can not happen here. Think again! It is happening right now, before your eyes! What I am saying is this, we (YOU & ME, ALL OF US) need to be paying attention to make sure this does not happen! Fair enough? Think about it? Question everything? Why are they doing ...what they are doing? Billions for the banks & rich elites...nothing for you and me! Is that fair? this video! YOU decide. CLICK HERE !

Who Is behind the New World Order ?

Fair Question? Your not going to like the answer!

Actually, the answer to this question is a little complicated goes back in time, more than 2000 years! What's that old saying, "history repeats itself"? Most of us are aware of the general history of Earth. Christmas, Baby Jesus Christ, the virgin birth! The Romans! The Witches of Salem? And, for 2000 years the Jews (Hebrews) were persecuted & run out of the counties that had initially welcomed them in after being run out of where they were. The discover of America. The revolt & breaking free of England's control. The war between the north and south, the civil war. These are some basic tidbits of history that everybody should know! It's my opinion after reading many books, magazines, watching about 700 video's, and reading newspapers & watching TV, that these events are all connected!

What about the history many people don't know, the history that has been covered up? The secret manipulations behind the throne of England? Who actually controls the UK (United kingdom aka Great Briton) Why is it called Great Briton? Did you know, the Queen is the owner & has absolute control of much more than England.  That the USA, a republic (legal Corporation) ... is secretly been owned by the Queen & the Royalty! Did you know, the Pope & the Church authorize the Queen and many other Royalty to serve, own & rule many countries in the world? Of course the Pope & the Church get their cut! It's a mafia type empire that rules all, including YOU, ME & everyone else!

BUT, your not supposed to know!

I could go on, But your most likely judging me to be crazy about now. So, let's discuss this, why is Washington DC, a separate sovereign entity (NOT PART OF THE USA)? London, has a designated are which is also a sovereign country unto itself (NOT PART OF THE UK), free from all rules & regulations of the UK? How about the Vatican, yes (NOT PART OF ITALY! Another sovereign entity unto itself. Together these three cities rule the world. All three of these entities are one nation unto themselves. They are acting together and are one nation! By the way, this is who we people of the USA owe all the money to. The other countries in debt, yes, they owe it to this tri-nation group! Weird? Let's look at it form a corporation point of view, a business which is in business to make money. Efficiency and profit would be part of their main goals & plans. Yes? Management & control, another concern for this secret covert tri-national entity. What about their beliefs  in a higher power, a God! What (who) is their God, it is a sinister God, maybe the God symbolized by the Eye, (Horus of Egypt) on the US Dollar bill tells us something? Rome of the past was an empire building nation which tried to conquer the world. Yes?

Most of us are aware that North America & South America were colonized by Europeans & Others after is was discovered. Many of the natives were eliminated, robbed, raped and enslaved.

many of the people in the USA and the world are aware, that Cites in the USA have been built by some mysterious secret societies with streets & city blocks resembling Egyptian symbols. Recent movies, with Tom Hanks, "The Da Vinci Code" and another with Nicolas Cage, "National Treasure" show us some evidence of secret religious, occult & masonic involvement in the building of the USA, and the histories of the world. Who is in control of  all these secret activities? Why ? What's the end game?


Nazis, what's their part in the New World Oder ?