Fritz springmeier

WOW ! What a book. Fritz Springmeier dose a great job investigating the Illuminati. 

Complete Membership names, organizations, and the 13 family names and their activities. Everything from wars, complete takeover of the USA money supply, large corporations owned by these elitist just about taking over the USA! 

Here a couple videos : Fritz Springmeier live on speaking engagements! Must SEE!


The Reptilian Entities : CLICK HERE! 

Fritz Springmeier & the Occult : CLICK HERE

Fritz Springmeier & Mind Control  CLICK HERE

Fritz Springmeier Undetectable Mind Control CLICK HERE

Fritz Springmeier Reptilian Entities    CLICK HERE

FRitz Springmeier Occult Symbolism   CLICK HERE 

Another video : who do these families worship: CLICK HERE TO SEE!

There are many more Fritz Springmeier Video's on the internet, especially YOUTUBE. Check them out !

As some point, it occurs to many people, these men behind the scenes are practicing some very Satanic Rituals. can that be good for YOU & ME?


Truthfully, I was blown away by this book. Fritz Springmeier did an amazing job of researching these hidden truths. 

President Lincoln was not the man that we were told he was. Not, by a long shot! It says here he was head of all the Rosicrucian's in the US. On of the books I have read (cover to cover as well as Masonic books), was THE ROSICRUCIAN PHILOSOPHY IN QUESTION AND ANSWERS, VOL LL).

I am outraged at the deceptions perpetrated by these men, the Illuminati. Many of out City Street Plans as well as buildings were designed with Satanic Symbolization. 

Why? Why the "All Seeing Eye" & the "Pyramid" on the dollar? Why Gargoyles and other demons on buildings in many cities. 

Personally, I've never considered myself a seriously religious man! Really!

I did believe in God, I was raised Catholic!

BUT, after reading this book & many others, I have had a change of heart! Many of the people running the world, believe in a God, BUT...It is NOT the God you, me and many others think. It clearly identifies their God as Lucifer, Baal, Satan, Osiris, and many other names.

So, assuming the books they publish is what they believe. Everyone, including..Me & You, have to believe they worship Satan!


Is this the Secret of

the Illuminati?

An Alien History?

Secret Knowledge?