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Legends of Puma Punku in Tiahuanaco

A Interesting Video, Who where these ancient people's who built these fantastic structures & created the golden art described in Erich von Daniken's book.

The Gold of the Gods.

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Erich vov Daniken on Coast to Coast Radio

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A fantastic book of his investigations of historic sites worldwide. Huge caves in South America large enough to park a 727 Jet. Golden statues and other gold artifacts were found.

The walls of the caverns are smooth and seem to be made, with a inclination from the mountains down to the cost.

It us suggested that these caves were made for the ancients humans. During a past earth catastrophic event, this is where they went & survived.  Did some Aliens help them by building these complexes as described many places in the world.

Hollow Earth, Atlantis, and the Origin of Humans!