the case for the UFOs

Absolutely, An amazing book to read. by Morris Jessup


The story of the book is this. Dr. Morris Jessup, a serious researcher, worth the book, The Case For The UFOs. It was not taken too seriously until a copy of his book was mailed to the US NAVY with notes and explanations. 

It seems, the notes were written by several "Persons" or "Descendents of Aliens", or in any case, persons in the know of more knowledge about previous & current events on Earth than we  Earthlings knew or know! 

I believe when reading this book, and the many others I've read, will  add to bring about a understanding of a probable reality of planet earth and our own humanity that is more correct than the one we assume is now true.

Keep an open mind and enjoy the adventure. Rick M

Of Course, Not Everyone believes the book to be a true source of Alien Information.

I like to search the de-bunkers material and fairly take in their viewpoint! That fair? Yes?


Taking that fairness many times further into a investigation, I have to say, after reading more than 100 books, viewing close to a thousand videos, and thousands of press releases, & 100's of magazines, I can sometimes debunk the de-buckers.