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OK ! The million dollar question is? Why on earth would anyone like me, a regular guy, step up and create a web site dedicated to the seeking the truth?


Prior to 911, I was about as concerned about world politics, religious issues, social issues, global warming, the endless wars going on, gas prices, economic problems, presidential elections, etc.

I had all I needed, a somewhat successful Business ( I never was a freak about money), I had some friends, a modest house near the beach, a Harley Motor cycle and seemingly plenty of time to enjoy it all.

Then like more USA citizens & others in the world, my situation started to change. Things were going form bad to worse

I decided to get out of Florid and go back to Maine. I figured, the crazies can't have invaded Maine. I was wrong, guys & gals had body piercing from head to toe, tattoos covering a good percentage of their bodies, homelessness was everywhere. In Maine, figure that out. It's gets really cold, how could anyone decide to be homeless in freezing weather.

Anyway, in Miane there are many old book stores. So, in the winter, many of us keep indoors. I enjoy reading and decided to catch back up on my physcise & energy engineering education by collecting old books and reading them.

What I found out was almost crazy. Water witching, (dowsing for water with a stick), 1840 to 1940's there was an intensive drive for spiritual (psychic) research, from ghost to seeing Aura's & other supernatural stuff.

I was never a crazy UFO fanatic. I did find some old books on UFO's and read them. Holistic healing books, yes I read them. The doorway I had entered was endless, it seemed. Maybe a 100 books is what it took, BUT I did get a ..ah-ha moment. It is all connected..that's what I believe.
My History thus far!

Born in 1955.....looking & feeling good at 50+
Raised in Maine for the first 13 years!
Then moved to Florida 13 til 17, then US Army
Age 21, out of Army & back to Maine, worked for major Lumber Company in Construction Materials, 2 years.
Then, decided to go to college, Electronics Degree!
10 years at a major Aerospace company near the Space Center
Then got laid off, went in commercial real estate & computers,
alternate energy, physics, interest in gravity, etc.

Had my own business since 1990 to Today! During those 22 years, I was a serious reader & researcher. Did a bit of sailing, fishing, traveling, photography, and lot's of reading.

Around 2000, things started to go kinda nuts. The 2000 thing.
Then 2001...911 thing. My business was suffering, people were noticing changes. Oil went through the roof. People losing their homes. I decided to find out why.

I have been a researcher (investigator) into religion, archeology, historic peoples & their histories, got into collecting old books on Science ( I did not trust the new schools). The old books on science and medicine led me to find out that these older scientist knew about stuff that seems to be currently suppressed.

What I found out was ....OUT OF  THIS WORLD.

The establishment, from the Governments to the Churches, were deceiving us all. So...that's what this Web Site is all about. Maybe you should know ...what I have learned. Maybe you already know? Maybe you don't care? BUT, if you want to get involved...welcome! I do appreciated some critical thinking.
You do not have to agree with me. Show me where I'm wrong and I'll appreciate it. Show me some new information..I'll appreciate that too.

I know one thing....these men & women in change of our planet, our world, our Nations...they do not seem to have YOUR & MY interest at heart. So we need to think for ourselves.

Rick....  e-mail

My last name is not spelled miracle but does sound like it!