tim rifat

Ok...so the Government is into Remote Viewing. The Russians are into Remote Viewing. Apparently the world's Elites are into this stuff...Israel's Secret Services? Of course! BUT..wait....they got the worlds people's into believing ..that after your dead, your dead...there is no God! Makes me wonder what the game plan is? A New World Order? And, who from the Spirit World will be in Charge? Lucifer? It's crazy! Remember, if you plan to fight these evil Illuminati.... they could be watching you!

To see a video YOU TUBE, with Tim Rifat! Tim was one of the Governments Top Remote Viewers & Trainers of Remote Viewing to new recruits. CLICK HERE :

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Darn it, Mutant Humans? The Japan Reactor dumping Radioactive material?

Tim Rifat on the Jeff Rense Program! CLICK HERE !

I don't know about you, BUT I feel this is kind of information is important for YOU & I to know about & understand. What power they have. What are they doing with it? Makes me wonder about mind control & the NWO, (New World Order & the EYE on the dollar bill? Evil, Ya think?

Get Rich by Hijacking Money Technology, an explanation of Satanic Magic, Egyptian scared symbols, etc.

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