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Come on back & learn more. Remember, they (The Deceivers) can't deceive you if you understand the reality you live in.

If you review & read some of the other data on this Web Site, You'll see UFO's have been around for 1000's of years, contact with outside forces (angels, demons, etc., even Gods arriving in space ships) has been documented in history. Etched in stone. Monuments built 1000's of years ago and discovered all around the world.

I am convinced that there are evil forces among these entities (Aliens, Angles, Demons)  just like there are evil people in the world!  With that said, I also believe there are good forces & entities! Knowledge is key! If you look at the books I've read, You'll find a book "Psychic Self Defense".

Many writers of the books I have read, have written about being careful when entering this other dimension, either through meditation, hypnosis, or drugs, Apparently the forces there can be dangerous. Even the Remote Viewers say be careful. They can run into some dangerous spiritual entities in their travel while outside their bodies!

When you review the Ancient People's and the Archeological material in this web site, pay attention to the PINE CONE type drawings, etc. Even the Vatican has a huge Pine Cone looking thing in the Courtyard. Why? What do they know that they are not sharing with you & me?