were the moon landings faked

An Essay on Secrets & Conspiracies !

During the past few years, I have been investigating one secret after another. This was not part of my plan, it's just that when investigating one thing, it seemed to lead to more questions & opened doors to questions I don't expect. It now seems to me, the secrets & conspiracies of the past have created more conspiracies to cover up the past conspiracies of the conspirators.  They had to hide the evidence of their lies.

Remembering when I was a child, my parents taught me not to lie, they said one lie leads to another lie, until it gets out of hand. Well, fellow citizens of planet earth, I believe the conspirators are neck deep in their lies and deceptions.

Let's take the masonic design of Washington DC as an example. Who & why did they (whomever), design whole streets, city blocks, buildings and cover their Facings with Symbols of Secret Masonic & Egyptian Designs.

Let's ask another question? Why are they allowing the evidence out now? They have to know their will eventually be a backlash? Yes? 

I suspect they want chaos & revolt in the USA. The perpetrators of these deceptions are long gone. BUT, NASA, The President, Congress, etc...are available to take the heat of public outrage.  

Is this part of the plan of the NWO, the New World Order Folks?

We know from George Bush Sr., he said a New World Order is coming. The Dollar Bill says so! The Trilateral Commission, the United Nations, The Council of Foreign Relations, the Illuminati, the Vatican, etc., all seem to be repeating the same. A NEW WORLD ORDER IS NEEDED!

So, if you were to create dissension, public outrage, distrust of the Government , what would you do? In this case, make public that everything you think you know is a lie! Eventually, the people have to wake up and demand restitution. The people will never know, they were played like a fiddle. 

So who is they? From my research, it goes back to 1776. The Jesuits created the Illuminati (called the masonic lodges in the USA). The Jesuits operating out of the Vatican, use the Rothschild s, Rockefeller, Morgans, etc. as their bankers & world controllers. These families included the UK Royalty, and other elites all over the world. Their names include, groups like the Club of Rome, the many Presidents of the USA, Congressional Elected leaders, Corporate leaders, etc. 

Do a little homework! Fine your own answers. DO NOT BELIEVE ME! I have done my research & will find that some facts are true & others  not! I am doing the best I can to find out what the truth is. Do you want to know?

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