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What do you know about the Philadelphia experiment ? They (The USA Leaders during WWll) wanted to enhance stealth radar to make a battleship ship invisible to radar & visible sight. The project employed people like Albert Einstein, German Scientist (Dr. John von Neumann), and Tesler Technology. They wrapped the ship in Radar Units and turned it on.

What they got was unexpected. Apparently, wrapping a ship, even a person, in a Magnetic Bottle so to speak, removes the encased space from local space and sends it to another Reality or Time. If what this book describes is true, the powers that be have a weapon and a control over You, Me & Everyone else that's indescribably dangerous.

Montauk Project

I checked on-line at YOUTUBE and found a video by an insider to the project, Al Bielek. YOU DECIDE : CLICK HERE TO WATCH!

Remember : On these long Video's, you don't have to watch it all at once! When you stop watching , write down the "time spot" and watch later at that "time spot". 

Another Montauk Project Insider on Video,      Preston Nichols CLICK HERE

Another Montauk Project Insider on Video,     Peter Moon CLICK HERE

Another Montauk Project Insider on Video,    Stewart Swerdlow CHICK HERE 

Another Montauk Project Insider on Video,    Duncan Cameron CLICK HERE

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OK....Let's depart from the insiders. Well Known, David Wilcox on Montauk & my favorite Evil Gang...the ILLUMINATI!    CLICK HERE

OK another insider, Larry James

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Another Video by Al Bielek on Time Travel! CLICK HERE TO VIEW!

Al Bielek and Larry James, Time Travel,    CLICK HERE!

More Video's by these insiders & others!

Click here : Phil Schneider & Al Bielek on the Japan Earthquake! WOW! Is it true?


Disappearing Ship?