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Helena Blavatsky was an occultist from Russia. She was in contact with some so called (masters). She could materialize objects and do other manifestations. While in contact with these Masters, she wrote several books thet were told (visions/voices) to her. She started a society that is the Bible of Occultism.  From the Rosicrucian Philosophy, Masonic Lodges, Illuminati, Zionist, & other Occultist..her teachings set the rule. 

This was the beginning of the New Age Movement. The Lucifer book Publishing in New York was a result of her material, which later changed it's name to LUCUS Trust which was a avid supporter of the United Nations. The UN, has a room dedicated to this new religion. The Satanic / Lucifer movement was to create a New World Order.

This is of course, my opinion after much research. You have to decide for yourself. The world has changed as result of her books. Books coming from another dimension ?

CLICK HERE : To See a Video about Helena Blavatsky. It's a biographic Video and seems unbiased. Listen & see it, you decide. Is a ONE WORLD ORDER a good thing? I ask? Is the murder & mayhem going on right now...worth it? It's a game in play that seems to have no end. Makes you it worth it?