the Jesuits

The Jesuits - Who are they ?

Here I am, seven years into my serious research into "who, what, & why" is the world seemingly losing it's mind. You think you know a lot, & then you find out you might know very little about who really controls everyone & everything. Are the Culprits the Jesuits? Are they working for Satan. Apparently this group started out with it's initiator having visions & communicating with  higher forces. 

Well, Let's jump in and see what's up!

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Jesuit Connection to the New World Order

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Think The Vatican is Involved?

The Masonic Lodges?


Catholic Priest, Alberto Rivera, Talks!

Darn....why did I not know this stuff ?

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What Really Happened in WWll & Why"

4 million Jews killed in Auschwite, Poland? 1 Million? Were the people in this prison all Jews? Did the Pope (the church) support Hitler? After reading a few books on WWll, it becomes clear it was planned. By whom? To want end? To secure Israel as a homeland as detailed in prophecy in the Bible? have you seen the plans for the new Temple of Salomon to be built in Israel? I got this photo from a mailing advertisement from Texe Marrs (CLICK HERE). So the million dollar questions is? If the Jesuits started the Illuminati, who took over and controlled the worldwide masonic lodges shown below, are working to re-build the temple in Israel as detailed in the prophecy, then one might conclude that ...all the event of WWll, revolutions, the creation of Israel, was all planned ! See this Video ! CLICK HERE !


David Irving

The Holocaust Lie?


Remember, use your Brain !

Do not believe this video, just because David says it's true. Do some research, review other speakers, their books, internet web sites, etc.!

Me? I believe him. BUT, I have

researched & read many books, videos, magazines, press releases, web sites, etc.

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Camp FEMA - Full Movie

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