leonard horowitz

Leonard Horowitz

Medical practitioner, Author, Speaker & Researcher !

AIDs was manufactured by the Government    CLICK HERE to See a Video !

Another Video! Who Made Aids?

Robert Gallo?


An encyclopedic thick book with copies of government contracts & orders for research detailing exactly what the government wanted, a slow undetectable viruses that would not be quick acting.  What a insidious weapon, you deploy it now & it kills years later. These order contracts were with several  major pharmaceutical & military contractor type  industrial corporations & businesses. 

There seems to be sufficient evidence to point to the fact that many of today's medical epidemics, cancers & other illness  were a created infliction on society, either to cause harm & death intentionally and/or for testing. 

I have read this book, cover to cover, more than 550 pages.  I have a technical education & worked ten years for a major Aerospace corporation (Electronic Engineering Technician) and can say, if what is in this book is true, we "all" had better wake up and wake up quickly. We are in danger!