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Did a search on youtube and found this interesting video. CLICK HERE to SEE VIDEO

You can agree or disagree, but a lot of well educated men & women have researched many archeological sites and ancient cultures. Repeatedly I find that there was evidence of a more advanced society existing several thousand years ago, even more likely, 10 to 12 thousands years ago.

And, it seems, form my research that all over the world, the Shamans, Tribal medical doctors used herbs, plants, and other toxins to place themselves in a trance and communicate with the other side, i.e. Spiritual or another Dimension of which I believe are one in the same.

Also, the evidence suggest an Alien interaction. As I continue to suggest, I feel from my research, that all of these topics, UFO's, Ancient Cultures, the many Religions & their historical documented data etched in stone, the Archeological sites, and the Ancient Myths, the current wars & turmoil in the Mid East, and last but not least, the Illuminati, Masonic Groups, Zionist, & Occultist-----  are all connected. 

Another YOUTUBE (Coast to Coast with Art bell) Video I found. Graham Hancock on 2012 & the Mayan. CLICK HERE  TO SEE!

Another YOUTUBE Video, Graham Hancock on Major Archeological sites in the world that indicate that the history seems to be much older than we are told. CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO!

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12,000 year old Unexplained Structure