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Who says this, why me...Rick Miracle !

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Would they? Can they? Lock up any and all of us who do not agree with the New World Order plans?


Let's understand this, about 50% of the USA population is on food stamps or some kind of government check! Right ? All that needs to be done, is create a crises or use a crises (fabricated or not) to find a reason to stop those benefits from going to 100 million or more people in the USA! Then, they could announce that resources are available at designated FEMA camps. Will you be heading to on of those pre-prepared camps? Why have they been prepared in advance?

I personally do not think the Government is crazy & that they are building those camps for nothing. I say be prepared and stock up on food & water in the event of any emergency. Use some common sense. WWlll, major economic collapse, earthquakes, major tidal waves, Volcanic Eruption in Yellow Stone Park, a nuclear bomb, Communist Takeover, etc. (who knows) are just a few thoughts I have. The truth is, we do not know what & why the Government is preparing BUT we do know they are. So, use some common sense and prepare your self & your family for any type of emergency. I believe many other USA citizens don't want to lose their freedoms. Do you care? Apathy and ignorance will not help you when the going gets tough! Fear is not the answer, knowledge is! That's why I mad this web site!

Rick Miracle