The Truth Seeker
1 Freemason Bible Freemasons
2 The Illuminati, the cult that hijacked the world Henry Makow
3 Common Sense Thomas Paine
4 Mysterious phenomena of the human psyche L L Vasilev
5 citizens handbook & comstitution The founding fathers
6 Remote Viewing - 3 books  Tim Rifat
7 Confessions of an Economic Hitman John Perkins
8 the protocols of zion The Zionist Jewish Illuminati
9 The bloodlines of the illuminati fritzspringmerier
10 Psychic Warrior David Morehouse
11 dearborn magizine - several magazines henry ford
12 911 synthetic terror webster tarply
13  the human aura 2 books Walter J Kilner-Edgar Cayce
14 Psychic self defence Dion Fortune
15 Murder by Injection, medical  conspiracy Eustace Mullins
16 The Day After Roswell Philip Corso
17 emerging virusus, AIDS and Ebola Leonard Horowitz
18 Clouds of Secrecy Leonard Cole
19 Letters on Occult Meditation, Psychic Archaelogy Alice Baily
20 and the truth shall set you free, etc. - 5 books David Icke
21 TheCultof theAllSeeingEye Robert Keith Spenser 
22 Climategate, Project Blue Beam, (the dot connector) Paul Bondarovski
23 The book of the law Aleister Crowley
24 Dungeon, Fire and Sword  John J Robinson
25 Mysterious Monument Texe Marrs
26 The New Age Magazine 1927 Freemasons
27 The Limits of Growth The Club of Rome
28 The report from iron mountain Jone Doe
29  PSI spys Jim MARRS
30 Letters of Freemasonry John Q Adams
31 Underground Bases Richard Sounders
32 HAARP, the ultimate weapon of the conspiracy Jerry E Smith
33 Who really owns your gold William Dean A Garner
34 psychic research (June 1915) James Hyslop
35 The Population Bomb Dr Paul Ehrlich
36 The Sirius Mystery Robert Temple
37 The Hudson Valley UFO Allan Hynek, Philip Imbrogno
38 Intruders Budd Hobkins
39 Aliens UFO's and Abductions Witley Striber
40 Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow Constance Cumbey
41 Astrology the space age science Joseph Goodavage
42 BOCHE (germans) and Bolshevik jew Nesta Webster - Kurt Kerlen
43 britain and the jews Samual Landman
44 The International Jew vol 4 Henry Ford sr
45 To Elimanate the Opiate Rabbie Marvin Antleman
46 Behold of a Pale Horse Bill Cooper
47 Bloodline of the God Nick Redfern
48 The Gold of the Gods - 2 books Erich Von Donikin
49 The consmic conspiracy Stan Dayo
50 The facts of Psychic Science Campbell Homes
51 Lightning in his hand Nikola Tesla
52 Akakor Karl Brugger
53 UFO and the national security state - plus 2 Magazines Richard Dolan
54 UFO evidence NICAP 1964
55 The Creature from Jekyll Island G E Griffin
56 The Lost Star Walter Cruttenden
57 flying serperts and dragons R A Boulay
58 Invisible Residents Ivan Sanderson
59 Flying Saucers Max Miller
60 Earth Pleiadian Keys to the living Library - 2 books Barbara Marciniak
61 Blue Lodge Handbook Freemasons
62 The Open Conspiracy and other writings H G Wells
63 Mind Reach, Psychic Ability Harold Puthoff
64 Matrix of Power, Secrets of World Control - 2 books Jordan maxwell
65 Dark Majesty & Circle of Intrigue Texe Marrs
66 The Life of an American Jew in Israel Jack Bernstein & Len Martin
67 The Ultimate World Order, (The Jewish Utopia) Robert H Williams
68 The Work of All Ages Peter Christian
69 Bloody Zion Edward Hendri
70 Secret Societies and Subversive Movements Nesta H Webster
71 Dearborn independent vol vol 3 & 4 Henry Ford
72 The Bible, Saint Mark Jesus
73 Transylvanian Sunrise by Radu Cinamar Peter Moon
74 The Black Sun Peter Moon
75 Montauk Revisited   Peter Moon-Preston NIchols
76 The Philadelphia Experiment Murder Alexandra Bruce
77 The Montauk Project  Preston Nichols with Peter Moon
78 The Philadelphia Experiment William Moore
79 Invisible Horizons Vincent Gaddis
80 The Philadelphia Experiment Brad Steiger
81 Blue Blood,True Blood  Stewart A Swerdlow
82 The Case for UFOS Morris Jessup
83 America's Secret Estblishment Antony C Sutton
84 The Secret Doctrine H. P. Blavatsky
85 Morals and Dogma, The Knight of the Brazen Serpent Albert Pike
knight of brazen serpent 25 1-4
prince of the royal secret 32 number 5
knight of the rose croix 18 number 6
Kabalah research 7,8,9, 10
86 Encyclopedia of the Psychic World Theresa Cheung
87 Technique of the Master Raymund Andrea
88 The Occult and the Third Reich Jean-Michel Angebert
89 Theosophy and Social Reconstruction H. P. Blavatsky
90 The Holocast Dogma of Judaism Ben Weintraub
91 Holy Serpent of the Jews Texe Marrs
92 Masonry, Conspiracy against Christianity A Ralph Epperson
93 A separate reality Carlos Castaneda
94 The New World Order A Ralph Epperson
95 The internation  Jew Vol 1 Henry Ford
96 The Reappearance of the Christ Alice Bailey
97 Who financed Hitler James and Suzanne Pool
98 Three sevens -  R. Swinburne Clymer MD
99 KARMA Annie Besant
100 ISIS UNVEILED H P Blavatsky
101 Review of 100 books / series Rick Miracle
102 The Lost Book of Enki Zecharia Sitchen
103 Planet X Fourcast and 2012 surival guide  Marshall Masters
104 None dare call it conspiracy Gary Allan
105 Encyclopaedia Judaica Kabbalah
106 Encyclopaedia Judaica USA anti semitism
107 Encyclopaedia Judaica Jesus
108 Encyclopaedia Judaica Zionism Kishinev
109 Encyclopaedia Judaica 1666 Messia Shabbetai Zevi
110 The Thirteenth Tribe Arthur Koestler
111 Jewish Ritual Murder Arnold Reese
112 Edgar Cayce on Jesus Numerous Books 
113 Jesus Christ in the Talmud, Zohar Rev Dr Gustaf Dalman
114 The Dead Sea Sroolls Millar Burrow
115 The Encyclopedia of the Occult Lewis Spence
116 The Book of Enoch Timmothy Sakach
117 Masonry, Beyond the Light William Schnoebelen
118 Encyclopaedia Judaica  Zionism
119 Phoenix journals #20 the mossad connection
120 Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism Gershom Scholem
121 Messengers of Deception UFO Contact and Cults Jacques Vallee
122 The RA Material by Elkins Rueckert, McCarty
123 Channeling, Kyron 2000, Passing the Marker Lee Carroll
124 Germany Must Perish Theodore Kaufman
125 The Unknown Reality vol 2 Jane Robberts
126 Manifest your Desires Esther and Jerry Hicks
127 By Way of Deception Victor Ostrovsky
128 Atomic Bomb Secrets David Dionisi
129 The Marxist Minstrels, Communist Subversion of Music David Noebel
130 Encyclopaedia Judaica Communism
131 The Guide to Zionism Jessie E Sampter 
132 A beginners guide to creating reality JZ Knight RAMTHA
133 TUNING IN, 6 Trance Channelers Pleiadian Collective David Thomas Mattiew Klinck
134 The Voice of Hermes Ernest Norman
135 Mysticism Evelyn Underhill
136 The Synchronicity Key David Wilcock
137 The Urantia Book, Michael Jesus on Earth
138 The Secret Science behind Miracles  Max Freedom Long
139 Pole Shift John White
140 The Rosicrucian Philosophy in questions and Answers Max Heinel
141 Crossing the Rubicon Michael C Ruppert
142 The Secret Doctrine vol 2, Previous Pole Shifts H P Blavatsky
143 Zeta Talk Pole Shift Nancy Lieder
144 Crossfire - Kennedy & The Terror Conspiracy - 911 Jim Marrs
145 The Oklahoma City Bombing and the Politics of Terror David Hoffman
146 Encyclopaedia Judaica Zionist leader Chaim Weizmann
147 Black Sun by Nicholas Goodrick Clark
148 World Revolution, The Plot Against Civilization Nesta Webster    
149 Occult Theocrasy, Judaism, The Pharisees Edith Starr Miller - Lady Queenborough
150 The Cause of World Unrest Howell Arthur Gwynne
151 The Secret Terrorist Bill Hughes
152 The Black Pope, A history of the Jesuits M. F. Cusack
153 Blood Passover, The Jews of Europe and Ritual Murder Ariel Toaff
154 Circle of Intrigue, Illuminati Conspiracy Texe Marrs
155 Earth Changes Bible Diane Tessman
156 The Anunnaki of Nibiru Gerald Clark
157 From the Ashes of Angels Andrew Collins
158 Blood Prints of the Gods Howard West
159 Mithras, Mysteries & Initiation D Jason Cooper
160 Voices from the Cosmos Angela Smith & Scott Jones
161 The Book of the Hopi Frank Waters
162 Blindsided Earth Changes Mark Hazlewood
163 Aliens Among Us Ruth Montgomery
164 A Visionary Guide into Past Lives Barbara Hand Clow
165 The Coming of the Cosmic Christ Matthew Fox
166 Messages from Maitreya the Christ Benjamin Cream
167 The Israel Test George Gilder
168 The Samson Option Seymore Hersh
169 Racial Zionism Christopher Jon Bjerknes
170 The Controversy of Zion Geoffrey Wheatcroft
171 Masonry Illustrated The Complete Ritual Pres. J. Blanchard of Wheaton College
172 Traitors and Carpetbaggers in the promised land Barry Chamish
173 The Lost Keys of Freemasonry Manly P Hall 
174 Masonry  Encyclopaedia Vol II 1805, The Illuminati
175 Secret Societies John Lawrence Reynolds 
176  Proofs of a Conspiracy John Robison 
177 TRILATERALISM, Elite planning for World Management  Holly Sklar
178 Conspirators, The Committee of 300 Dr John Coleman 
179 Body of Secrets James Bamford 
180 Chemtrails, HAARP & Dominance of Planet Earth  Elana Freeland
181 Talisman, The Sign and the Seal Graham Hancock & Robert Bauval
182 The Secret Zodiacs of Washington DC David Ovason
183 Millennial Dawn, The Divine Plan of the Ages Charles Russell & Zion's Watch Tower
184 Theodor Herzl Founder of Political Zionism Israel Cohen
185 Rose Cross Fundamental Laws 1916 R Swinburne Clymer & Rose Cross
186 Studies in Prejudice American Jewish Committee
187 The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit E Michael  Jones
188 JEWS and The American Soul Andrew Heinze
189 Actes and Monuments John Foxe
190 Jewish Eugenics John Glad
191 Necronomicon, Book of Dead Names John Dee
192 History of the Jewish People Cecil Roth
193 Jews in Poland Iwo Pogonowski
194 MESSIAH Encyclopaedia Judaica 2006 edition
195 Hostage to the Devil Malachi Martin
196 The Coming Global Superstorm Art Ball, Whitley Strieber
197 The Double Crisis Aldous Huxley
198 The Philosophy of Humanism Corliss Lamont
199 The Allies of Humanity Marchall Van Summers
200 Personal Memoirs of H P Blavatsky Mary Neff
201 Review of 200 books / series Rick Miracle
202 NEPHILIM L A Marzulli
203 Crop Circles Revealed Judith Moore & Barbara Lamb
204  Isis Unveiled Helena Blavatsky
205 A Modern Panarion H P Blavatsky
206 The Philosophy of Natural Magic Henry Agrippa
207 Space Aliens took me to Their Planet Claude Vorilhon
208 Human Encounters with Aliens ABDUCTION John Mack
209 The Encyclopedia of the Jewish Religion Edited by Werblowsky & Wigoder
210 Galactic Diplomacy Michael Salla Ph D
211 Operation Mind Control Walter Bowart
212 Satan, Prince of this world William Guy Carr
213 The Zionist Movement Israel Cohen
214 Caesar and Christ Will Durant
215 The Hidden Evil Mark M Rich
216 Vatican Assassins Eric Jon Phelps
217 Six Million Open Gates S A R Lynch
218 The Shock Doctrine Naomi Klein
219 A Question of Torture Alfred McCoy
220 The Search for the Manchurian Candidate John Marks
221 Operation Paperclip Annie Jacobsen
222 Truth, Torture and the American Way Jennifer Harbury
223 Jewish Magic and Superstition Joshua Trachtenberg
224 The Revelation of St. John the Divine Holy Bible
225 Psychological Warfare and the New World Order Servando Gonzalez
226 Kabbalah The Way of the Jewish Mystic Perle Epstein
227 The Zohar Rav Shimon bar Yochai
228 The Most Dangerous Book in the World S K Bain
229 A Masonic Blueprint for the Subversion of Catholic Church John Vennari
230 The Journal of Historical Review, Revisionism Keith Stimely, Editor
231 The Devil's Chessboard David Talbot
232 Freemasonry and the Anti Christian Movement Rev. E. Cahill, S.J.
233  SECRET SOCIETIES and Psychological Warfare Michael A. Hoffman ll
234 The Hidden God Kenneth Grant
235 The Shadows of Power James Perloff
236 Millennium Texe Marrs
237 Who is Esau Edom Charles A Weisman
238 How Britain Initiated both World Wars   Nick Kollerstrom
239 Brain Washed into  Slavery Kenneth Goff
240 The Bloody Red Streak Trefor David
241 The Final Secret of Pearl Harbor Robert Theobald
242 From Major Jordan's Diaries George Jordan
243 The Nameless War Captain Ramsay
244 Hidden History Gerry Docherty, Jim Macgregor
245 Serbia's Secret War Philip Cohen
246 The Enemy Within the Empire  Eric Butler
247 Weapons of Mass Deception Sheldon Rampton & John Stauber
248 Unconditional Hatred Captain Russell Grenfell R.N. 
249 The Anglo-American Establishment Carroll Quigley
250 The Holy Bible, The Old Testament Prophet JEREMIAH The Holy Bible
251 Booms Day 1999 A.D. Charles Berlitz
252 The Jewish State  Theodor Herzl
253 New History of the Jews Eustace Mullins
254 Penetration Ingo Swann
255 History and Destiny of the Jews Josef Kastein
256 The Destiny of Nations Alice Bailey
257 Termpus Interludium Ernest Norman
258 The talmud Unmasked Rev. I B Pranaitis 1892
259 The Messianic Idea in Judaism Gershom Scholem
260 The War on Terror Christopher Bollyn
261 The High Priests of War Michael Collins Piper
262 Encyclopedia of the World's Religions R.C. Zaehner
263 The Secret of Shambhala James Redfield
264 Other Loses James Bacque
265 200 Years together Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
266 A One World Order - Hidden Secrets of the Eastern Star Dr. Cathy Burns
267 HUNA Enid Hoffman
268 The Talmud Unmasked I.B. Pranaitis
269 The Plot Against Christianity-The Red Network Elizabeth Dilling
270 The Great Controversy Ellen White
271 Children of the Light - OUT-BODY-EXPERIENCES Brad & Sherry Steiger