david icke


Below, are a couple of David's books I've read.

David has done an extraordinary job of connecting the dots. He shows the connections of Aliens, the World Leaders & their Agenda's and our own Spirituality

David Icke has traveled the world and spoken to millions of people! Here are some of his videos! Buy his books & support him & his cause!

David Icke - The Reptilians - the Schism - Obama and the New world Order

Published on Sep 7, 2015

David Icke and Arizona Wilder - Revelations of a Mother Goddess

This program presents the staggering story of human sacrifice and satanic rituals involving the most famous people in the world.

Sept. 2913 - Wake Up!

New David Icke Syrian

Video! Must see!

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David Icke on Syria

What are they (NATO & Gangs) Doing?