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Hello, my name is Rick M., Welcome to my personal info page.


Prior to 911, you would either find me sailing, BBQ'ing in the back yard by the pool, hanging on on beach, working my business of almost 12 years, reading some science magazine, or hanging out with some friends. life would have it Things change. I guess you can't stay in the good life forever. I do not have an agenda. I grew up as a Christian, I'll die a Christian. Although, I am not sure...the Christian Churches are Christian. I think many of them have gone over to the dark side, the side of Lucifer, joined or controlled by the Illuminati-Masonic Lodges-Zionist people!  

I know that our Politicians are in their jobs at the pleasure of these elite secret groups. I'm not all serious, I can enjoy life & I do. As I write this, I am in Santa Fe...opening a new office & training two new associates. Hay...I gotta eat & pay rent to! :-)

Anyway...welcome to my Web Site. After ton's of research, I decided to make a Web Site to tell the tale!

Enjoy! Rick  e-mail